•November 13, 2009 • 3 Comments


It was just last October when our country faced its worst enemy yet, ONDOY! No one can exactly tell why it happen? Government officials said that it was just a simple and non-threatening storm but they proved themselves wrong, it was a MONSTER! A creature who’s not afraid to kill anyone who come in his way. Most of our fellow Filipinos were not prepared during that time. In a snap, it was like a bomb just waiting for the right time to explode. There it goes, hundreds of Filipinos were left homeless, houses were swept away or sunk, and lots of buildings, cars and even agricultural products were damaged or lost and it’s worth billions of pesos. The most painful part is how people’s lives were destroyed, rendered helpless in front of Ondoy.


But you know what, this is might be what we exactly needed, a wake up call to everyone that we should be prepared at all times and took extra effort to protect the lives of our loved ones. Lets not wait for the tragedy to come to us, instead we should think outside of the box. We could have saved hundreds of lives if only we take extra measure on protecting ourselves and not wait for anyone to tell you that there will be a disaster about to set in. “ALWAYS PREPARED” as what boy scouts always say, and we should always practice this . As what other people say the “damage has  been done” and we can’t do anything about it anymore, instead we should stand up and continue living.


But the fun part is  “BAYANIHAN” is suddenly awakened from its grave. From ordinary people, to celebrities, politicians, media, companies, and even international organizations did not think twice to help and lend their helping hands to the victims of ONDOY. What they have done is extraordinary and it did not only ease the pain of the victims but it has put a smile to their heart and a message that life has to move on. That we should not lose hope on every endeavor that we like to attain. After all that’s happened, we should thank GOD that we’re still blessed to have our lives and not blame HIM for what happened. IF only GOD could talk to us, he will surely tell us to stand up and fight, it’s not the end of the world, and you can still contribute something to this beautiful world.

THANK YOU to our fellow Filipinos and our brothers and sisters around the world, who, in times of tragedy didn’t hesitate to help. GOD will return the favor to you in the future.